What is OfferFast?
A software platform for your off-market real estate proeprties where buyers and sellers can quickly list, manage, and communicate effectively for a faster and more transparent sale. Since there are no commission fees, most properties are listed at least 6-10% below market value.
What smartphone platforms/operating systems are supported?
We currently support all iPhones with iOS versions 9.0 and later and any Android devices with 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later.
Are there any transaction fees?
No. Offerfast does not charge any fees to buy or sell from our platform.
Are any listings piggyback?
Offerfast does not allow any piggybacking of properties that are not owned or assigned to lister. We reserved the right to cancel any piggyback listing flag by users.
Can Offerfast help with paperwork?
No. If you need help with the real estate documents, we can recommend you to a licensed real estate attorneys and agents who will walk you through the contract to make sure everything is correct, and all the terms are covered.
What if I’m a Realtor?
You will need to negotiate your commission with the buyer or seller on your own. There is no place within the app to add your commission.
What is “Net to Seller”?
List price and negotiated purchase price will be the net amount due to Seller. Buyer is responsible for ALL normal closing costs. Normal closing costs include property taxes, title insurance, escrow fees, HOA fees and any other cost associated with the property.
What is earnest money?
Earnest money is a deposit made to a seller showing the buyer's good faith in a transaction, and typically, held in a third-party escrow company. It is required with all offers and generally non-refundable. As a buyer, make sure you understand the terms of the earnest money deposit and the circumstances under which you can cancel the contract and retain the earnest money.
Can I get financing?
Because seller prices are discounted for quick close, most sellers expect the purchase to be made with either cash or a hard money loan. Some sellers may offer financing or outside lending.
How long is closing?
Most sellers expect close of escrow date to be about 10 days unless seller is offering financing.
What does it mean to buy a property “AS IS”?
Properties are generally sold in its current existing condition (“AS IS”) with no repairs to be made. Seller makes no warranty to Buyer, either express or implied, as to the condition of the property. Buyer is responsible for their own due diligence and verifying all facts and figures prior to making an offer and purchasing the property.
Do I need to create an account?
Creating account with verified email and mobile phone number allows a user to fully access all the features along with built-in communication to instantly notify all users. Otherwise, guest accounts can only view available properties.
What is the in-app communication?
Within the app, there are built-in chat messenger to communicate between users and push notification to instantly alert users.
When will I receive push notifications?
A user will receive an alert when there is a new listing, a chat message, a property shared with you, price reduction on a property in your watchlist, a new offer, and a friend invite. NOTE: A new listing notification can be turn on/off from your profile settings.
How to invite a contact/friend?
If you allow the app to share the device’s address book, then a contact from your address book can be invited as a friend if the contact has an OfferFast account. If the contact is not registered, the contact can be invited to install the OfferFast app. Once the contact accepts your invitation to create an account, the account is automatically invited as a friend.
How to add a friend?
A friend invite can also be sent by selecting “Add Friend” from the user’s profile. When the friend invitation is accepted, the users become friends.
How to create a group?
A group can be added from the Friends menu under the Groups tab. Any number of friends can be added in a group. A group can then be used to share a listing.
How to share a property?
In the top right corner of Property Details, there is a drop-down menu. Selecting the menu gives you option to “Share to Group”, “Share to Friend”, and “Share Link”.
Can my system Alerts be deleted?
From the upper right corner of Alerts view, there is drop-down menu to “Delete All” messages or “Mark All as Read”.


What is available?
All available public properties are listed in the Home view. Some properties listed as private can only be share initially by the lister.
How do I view a home?
A seller may provide “Showing Instructions” to in the Property Details. If no instructions are given, you can “Message” the seller directly.
How to save a property to your watchlist?
A property can be save to your watchlist by clicking on the Heart icon in the property image. All saved properties can be viewed in My Properties menu under the Watchlist tab. The property can be watched in any status until you un-favorite the property.
How do I make an offer?
We recommend contacting the seller through the in-app messaging to discuss the terms before making an offer. When you’re ready to make an offer, click the “Make Offer” button under the Property Details. A form is provided to enter the Sales Price, Earnest Money, Close of Escrow and Terms of the purchase contract. When you click the “Send Offer” button, the lister of the property will be notified of the formal offer.
Can I do an inspection?
Any inspection must be done prior to making an offer and should be discussed with the seller beforehand.
Where are my sent offers and their status?
All offers sent and received along with their status can be view in the Offers menu.


How do I list my property?
A property listing can be created from clicking the Camera icon at lower right corner of the home view or the “Create Listing” button from the pop out hamburger menu.
What are the listing requirements?
The Title, Price, Address, Zip Code, and at least 1 photo are all required to list a property.
How do I post my photos?
Photos can be uploaded by taking a photo or selecting a photo from your device.
How many pictures can I upload to a listing?
How do I price my listing?
Since there is no commission fees or middle man, most properties should be priced to sell quickly and at least 6-10% lower than market value.
How soon is my property listed?
As soon the photos and listing information is submitted, the property is instantly active.
Does my listing expire?
Listings currently do not expire. They may be removed from inactivity by the administrators.
Where are all my listed properties?
All properties posted by the user are in My Properties menu under My Listings tab.
What is a Public vs Private listing?
When a listing is created, the seller can choose to list the property to be Public or Private. By default, the listing is created as Public. When the listing is Public, users can view from the Home view. When the listing is Private, the listing is only viewable when shared by the poster.
Can I cancel my listing?
From the top right corner of Property Details, a drop menu provides the option to Cancel Listing.
Receiving an offer for your listing?
A received offer can be view under the Received Offers tab in the Offers menu.
How do I change the status of the listing?
The status of your listing can be change in the Status field when editing the properties. The status can be change to Active, Temporarily Off Market, Pending, and Sold.
How to use “Share Link” to replace Dropbox?
A “Share Link” allows you to share a URL to other contacts so that they can view your property photo and details. If you currently use Dropbox to share your photos, you can copy the property URL by going to the Property Details and from the drop-down menu on the top right corner select “Share Link”. When the URL is click from a PC, it will instruct the contact to install the app from mobile smart phone. When the URL is click from a mobile smart phone, your property is share within the app if the contact has OfferFast app install. If OfferFast app hasn’t been install, the contact is instructed to install the app. Once install, the property is share in the app to the contact.